There unified standard for pleasure craft operator's certification in European Union States exists, which is governed by Resolution 40 of European Economic Commission. "Yachting Academy Sosnin&Ryabchikov" is certified to issue International Certificate of Competency on behalf of Maritime Coastguard Agency of UK once an applicant got through our International Bareboat Skipper IYT or International Flotilla Skipper IYT training course and successfully passed practical and theoretical exams.

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As you may be aware, it is now mandatory to hold a recognised International Certificate of Competency (ICC) if you wish to charter a boat in certain European countries. It is generally required for the inland and coastal waters of Mediterranean countries such as Spain for example. In other words, ICC is official government issued license certifies it's holder to navigate a small pleasure water craft with length up to 24m.

You are eligible to apply for ICC though us if you are not citizen or resident of countries listed bellow:

Austria, Belarus
, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary
, Ireland
, Italy, Latvia, Luxsembourg, Netherlands, Norway
, Poland
, Romania
, Sarbia
, Slovenia
, South Africa
, Switzerland
, Ukraine.

The only exception to issue ICCs to citizens of these countries, is if the applicant can provide proof of residency* in a country not on this list.

For example: an Austrian National living in Spain or Greece that can provide “proof of residency” in Spain or Greece would be allowed to receive an ICC from IYT.

You can apply automatically without passing any exams for following ICC categories:

- Sail - 24m & Power 10m (Coastal) - (If you are certified as International Bareboat Skipper Sail through us);

- Power - 24m (Coastal) - (If you are certified as International Bareboat Skipper Power through us);

If you wish to add the inland waters endorsement to your certificate which means you can navigate a boat in European inland waters, you will have to get through European Code for Inland Waters training course and complete the CEVNI examination. Coast of CEVNI traing course is 8000 rubles.

Official papers from IYT certifies our training activities

Coast of ICC certificate trough Yachting Academy Sosnin&Ryabchikov is 10000 roubles:

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