#JustaSailingschool - just to simplify up to b&w cause it is impossible to express any kind of life as practical target in words or text. Here, on the website it has to be just as simple logical scheme - just to initiate your intuitive...

And I am saying:

"Sailing training means to train your mind to percept within of 360 degrees" - and I really do not know how to express it in words, once I only can is to show how to do it in reality, - that's why this web is b&w styled. It has simple target to, but mine one is absolutely quite more difficult!

To learn sailing boat handling, sailing seas, crossing an oceans to feel smell of land again is not dramatically difficult - it is just number of practical skills which are easy to be studied if you have proper motivation... But target to create the motivation is very creative and interesting one - to achieve it probably one or number of human lives are not enough and even generation... To find an answer is real challenge to us, - worthy meaning of life - and that's why we are here!

Two weeks practical sailing training in Russia - living, daily theoretical and practical lessons aboard of sailing yacht to improve yourself up to coastal skipper level (Bareboat Skipper IYT) or/and short range marine VHF radio operator (SRC VHF Operator) - that's what we are offering.

Our educational program is as per as requirements of International Yacht Training System. After termination of training course and successful passing the examinations, students are granted with proper international skipper licenses.

We are staring sailing courses from this June in Sochi, Russia which will be consisted from daily training leaving and returning to Imeretinskaya Marina in Olympic village. We proudly invite you in Russia to explore it's strong spirit and brave people! We learn on both - Russian and English languages.

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We are official sailing school recognised by International Yacht Training system